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Find tarps and covers on sale, as well as bargains on vinyl tarps, plastic/polyurethane and canvas. Some of these deals are amazingly good, given that they exceed even Tarps Now’s already low wholesale prices and discounts of up to 70 percent. When thinking about pricing, never forget to factor quality into the cost-benefit equation. It’s really very simple: The American-made materials that Tarps Now uses to manufacture its tarps, covers and other products simply provide better and longer service. They’re built tough and made to last, unlike many cheap import tarps and covers. And when you skimp on quality to save a few pennies, you’re really taking a big risk. You’re not only wasting money on a tarp or cover that you’ll have to replace more often; worse, you’re taking away the protection that tarp or cover was meant to give or sabotaging up the job it was meant to do, potentially causing many more dollars in damage of your property and product than you might have saved with a cheap tarp or cover.

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