Military Specification Fabric

Military Specification Fabric

Military Specification Fabric by the Yard or in Rolls

No matter which of our wide variety of military spec materials you need, you can count on it to hold up to the demands of serious jobs. Our products are graded for military and fire specifications because they are reliably strong, flexible and protective. Whether you represent a branch of the military or you simply need a durable fabric for a special project, Tarps Now has the options you need.

These are more than just standard tarp materials. They are durable, waterproof protective fabrics that withstand weathering and time far better than other materials on the market. In addition, they offer UV protection and flame resistance to keep those using them safe. Purchase military specification fabric by the yard/roll and know that you are investing in some of the highest quality tarps available anywhere. All of our military grade tarps meet the appropriate requirements because we consider it our duty to take care of the military. When the men and women in our armed forces depend on properly-functioning tarps, we step in to ensure that the right materials are available. Find the right material by using the military regulation number or contact a Tarps Now sales representative. We are always happy to help you in your selection to ensure that you get the right material for your job and that all of your questions are answered.

Our military spec tarps are manufactured to the same standards as military tent barracks, military equipment tarps and shipping covers. Our military spec fabrics can be used for a variety of industrial purposes, commercial applications and dry-cover. Manufactured to the standards of America’s finest, the heavy-duty tarps are flame retardant, abrasion and tear resistant, and can withstand extreme weather conditions. Made in the United States, our military spec tarps are also ideal for industrial covers and tarps. A-A-55308, A-A-59403, A-A-59708, CCC-C-419, CCC-C-422, CCC-C-428, CCC-C-432, CCC-C-439, CCC-C-442, CCC-C-443, CCC-D-950, MIL-C-10799, MIL-C-20696, MIL-C-43006, MIL-C-43128, MIL-C-43627, MIL-C-44103, MIL-C-788, MIL-PRF-20696, A-A-59403, A-A-549403A, Forestry Service (5100-86), MIL-C-3953, MIL-C-7219, MIL-C-10799, MIL-C-12369, MIL-C-43128, MIL-C-43734, MIL-C-43734D, Class 3, MIL-C-43375, NFPA-701, SS-481, SS-482, CPAI-63, CPAI-84

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