Tennis Court Column and Post Padding

Tennis Court Column and Post Padding

Column and Post Padding

Whether your columns, posts or poles are made of plastic, metal or wood, your tennis court or sports facility should not be without protective column and post pads.  Tarps Now Column and Post Padding is the perfect way to add the protection your indoor or outdoor facility needs against various safety hazards on and off the tennis court. Regardless of the size of your columns, Tarps Now Column Pads and Post Pads come in a variety of sizes to fit your facility’s specifications. With the option to choose between vinyl-coated polyester and vinyl laminated polyester, Tarps Now Column and Post Padding is highly shock absorbent, easy to clean, and can be customized to improve the look of your facility and advertise your facility’s sponsors and logos.

Made from high-quality materials, Tarps Now Column and Post Padding is made to enhance the protection, strength and durability of tennis courts, as well as other sports like baseball, basketball and other types of courts. Choose from Velcro, grommets and other types of fasteners to ensure that your post padding is secure and in place permanently, or you can make adjustments at will to meet your need for temporary applications. Made with safety, ease of use, convenience and your mobility in mind, our indoor wall pads are the perfect solution to use to reduce facility hazards, spruce up the décor and cater to player safety. No matter the size of your walls and columns, we have all of the padding you need to outfit your gym, training facility, sports arena or tennis courts in style.

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