Football Field Tarps & Covers

Taking advantage of football facility products can have a very strong impact on the safety and appeal of your field. Grass and sideline covers keep the sod from getting damaged to reduce maintenance costs. Tarps are built tough to resist any kind of wear. The environmentally friendly cover allows moisture to pass through to the soil below to keep mildew from growing. Besides keeping the field nice looking, the quality of the turf is maintained so it is as safe as possible for the players. Additionally, the football field tarps come in many colors and can be printed with your team logo or mascot, or you could include the icons of sponsors to generate revenue.

Just as with the tarps, safety padding can also be customized with any graphic you choose. Padding is created to your specifications so it can accommodate any field or structure. The polyurethane foam padding is three inches thick to cushion impacts effectively. Its vinyl covering is also UV protected and has a moisture resistant back board. The padding's primary benefit is safety, but like the field cover, padding also maintains the stadium facilities they cover. Keep your walls or fences from rusting or being damaged by sunlight or rain. On-site installation is also available for any football field across the nation. These protection products are perfect for any facility, from high schools or universities to professional stadiums.

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