Boxing / MMA

Boxing / MMA

Boxing Ring Covers & MMA Mats

Now you can get high performance, top of the line professional grade boxing ring covers and MMA mats in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. These covers can be used either for a ring event or in a gym. Quality vinyl and canvas boxing ring covers and MMA mats are safe and durable when constructed with the proper materials. You can order coverings in an assortment of different shapes, including rectangle, round and octagon. Sizes range widely, and colors choices vary depending on the fabric choice.

The smooth surface of heavy-duty vinyl-coated polyester boxing ring covers and MMA mats means that the covering is simple to clean and sanitize. Heat-sealed seams and double needle lock stitched hems add an extra layer of enhanced durability. Cutouts with hook and loop closures are available to fit around vertical posts. The softer surface of 100 percent natural duck cotton canvas provides a better grip and includes flat double French blind seams. Both types offer double needle lock stitched hems. Vinyl-coated polyester tarp covers are an indispensable necessity for boxing rings and MMA events. These sturdy and dependable covers allow users to control safety and protection closely. Our custom 100 percent duck cotton canvas and vinyl-coated polyester are ideal choices for boxing / MMA. If you are contemplating placing a special order or just want to get started with an order, contact us today. We also offer custom size boxing ring skirts, just email us with the size needed. We are ready to assist you.


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