Baseball Mound Covers | Home Plate Covers

Baseball Mound Covers | Home Plate Covers

Baseball Mound Covers and Home Plate Covers

Baseball infields require a lot of upkeep to maintain a safe and appealing environment for the players.  Pitchers Mound Covers, Home Plate Covers and Base Tarps help keep down maintenance costs and keep the clay dry. Being fabricated to be tough, these rain tarps are four-ply reinforced with brass grommets built right in. They are only useful as long as they do not tear, however, so a high tear strength to weight ratio is a priority when they are built. Mound tarps will stand up to mother nature, fast moving ground balls, and heavy batting equipment so you can keep your infield, bases and mound ready for years to come.

Additionally, base tarps are fully customizable. They can be purchased in many different colors to match your team or stadium theme, plus they can have your team name, sponsor logo, or any other graphic printed through hand-painted or digital options. The standard dimensions are available: 10ft by 10ft for base covers, either 26ft or 30ft for home plate covers, and 20ft for the pitching mound. Alternatively, you can request custom specifications to fit your field specifically. This lets players on any baseball diamond, from professional stadiums to little league fields, enjoy the benefits of a mound cover / base tarp to manage the moisture levels of the infield. Getting a durable and appealing tarp for your baseball infield is a great investment that will last for years.

We provide the largest selection of mound and home plate covers. Purchase our Big League Spot Covers today for complete protection of your pitcher’s mound, home plate, and all of your bases. All of our baseball mound and rain tarps are made in the U.S.A. with high quality materials, unlike others that offer inferior imported covers. Find the best baseball tarps at!

BIG LEAGUE The Big League Rain Guard is a 7 oz. cover. It is made of reinforced polyethylene that is silver/black. This cover has a high ratio of weight to strength for superb protection. It is made from high quality materials in the USA.

MAJOR LEAGUE The Major League Rain Guard is an 18 oz. cover made of high quality vinyl. This cover is heavy duty for maximum protection, and it comes in your choice of (14) different colors. They are made in the USA from only quality materials, making it superior to the cheap import options.

Our domestically made Weighted Mound / Spot covers are made to be Wind Proof. No need for sand bags or stakes with these weighted covers. The perimeter is weighted with Galvanized Steel chain which is sewn into the tarps edging. Quick to deploy and perfect for all field conditions. 

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