Smoke Truck Tarps (16 Oz 8' x 8' x 2')
SKU: TR-SOT-16-882

Smoke Truck Tarps (16 Oz 8' x 8' x 2')

SKU: TR-SOT-16-882

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Smoke tarps, also known as nose tarps, are specialty tarps designed to protect the front end of a load from soot, smoke, and dust while it is being transported on a flatbed truck. They also help reduce wind noise from certain types of loads, such as pipes. Smoke tarps can be flat or fitted; fitted options generally have a boxed in top to help secure the tarp around the edges of the load, while flat ones are a simple rectangle that can be folded over the edges of the cargo.

This Smoke Hauler Tarp (8'-0" x 8'-0" x 2'-0") is made from a durable, heavy-duty, lighter weight 16oz Vinyl Coated Polyester fabric. While some manufacturers use lighter weight tarp materials for parts of their fitted smoke tarps, we make ours entirely out of heavy-duty 16 oz. vinyl to ensure that they last for years to come. If a rip does occur, the heavyweight material can be easily patched. All hems are reinforced with strong 2” webbing and double locked stitched to ensure they hold up to the toughest conditions. Our tarp edges have solid brass grommets installed every 2 feet to help secure the tarp. In addition, a row of D-rings provides additional anchor points.  Our smoke tarps will help ensure that your payload arrives at its destination safe, secure, and free of soot or debris. 

Size:  8'-0" x 8'-0" x 2'-0"
Fabric:  PVC coated Polyester
Color:  Black
Thickness:  18 mils
Fabric Weight Top:  16oz / sq/yd 
Tarp Weight:  50 lbs
Grommets:  Spur Grommets around perimeter every 24"
Dee Rings:  (2) Rows, spaced every 24"  
Finish:  Mildew, UV Resistant 


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