Indoor Tarps

Indoor Tarps


Tarps Now carries a full line of standard-size indoor tarps to handle any needs you may have, from individual to commercial and industrial. As a manufacturer of high quality tarps made in the U.S., Tarps Now also can provide custom tarps in any size, color and material you desire.

Available in a wide variety of materials and sizes, Tarps Now’s indoor tarps can handle a variety of jobs under any roof. One popular choice, for instance: painters’ drop cloths. Made of 10 ounce canvas duck that’s 100 percent cotton, these rot resistant drop cloths speed indoor painting jobs by minimizing clean up and protecting floors of all types.

Other indoor tarps include divider curtains, often used in warehouses and other industrial, commercial and agricultural applications to inexpensively maintain separate temperature. Machines covers are another popular item. Custom tarps and covers are available with or without grommets and other accessories. Available at wholesale prices from Tarps Now, our extensive line of indoor tarps will save you money now and for years to come.

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