Hypalon Fabric By The Yard (35oz)
SKU: FA-VHYP-35-60

Hypalon Fabric By The Yard (35oz)

SKU: FA-VHYP-35-60

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Perhaps the most weather-resistant tarp on the market, hypalon tarps can also withstand extreme temperatures up tp 250 degrees F and oxidizing chemicals. Perfect for long-term outdoor applications, hypalon tarps can withstand the damaging effects of UV exposure and will not support mold or fungus growth and is toluene resistant. The material is also extremely abrasion resistant, and hypalon tarps are commonly used for floating covers for water and sewage containers. They are also commonly used for pad covers for trucks and equipment coverage that must flex and move. 

Hypalon CSM Coated Nylon - 35 oz

Material:  Hypalon /  Nylon Mesh
Fabric Weight:  35 oz. Per Square Yard
Thickness:  35 Mils
Color:  Black
Grade:  A Grade
Finish:  Matte both sides
Treatment:  UV, Mildew, Puncture, Tear and Fire Resistant
Low Temperature:  -50 degrees F
High Temperature:  250 degrees F
Fabric Width:  60"
Roll Size:  By the yard, 30 Yard and 60 Yard Full Roll Size

Our hypalon coated nylon fabric typically ships out in 1-3 business days.

This cut yard fabric is cut to order and is not returnable or refundable.


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