Custom Made Tarps

Custom Made Tarps


Tarps Now can supply you with a variety of wholesale priced custom made tarps, including many types of heavy duty custom made tarps for a variety of purposes. Some applications include a wide variety of applications, such as custom heavy-duty industrial tarps, custom equipment covers, custom shelter tarps, custom construction tarps, custom airbag containment tarps, custom screens and custom machine covers.  Other frequently selected applications includes custom clean room curtains, custom warehouse divider curtains, custom shipyard tarps, custom concrete curing tarps, custom insulated tarps, custom bridge containment tarps, custom sandblasting curtains and more.

Tarps Now also specializes in wholesale custom baseball field covers that are 12 mils thick and constructed from reinforced poly material that is both UV resistant and highly durable for decades of extended use. These also feature durable hems and brass grommets, and like all our Custom Made Tarps, are made in the U.S.A. and use the highest-quality materials like canvas, poly or vinyl tarps.


For especially rugged conditions, Tarps Now offers Custom Made Heavy Duty Vinyl Tarps.  Starting at material weights of 18 ounces to 20 mils thick, Custom Made Heavy Duty Tarps are particularly useful for industrial, military, agriculture, trucking, construction and other such applications. The high quality material and construction protect against wind and rain and guard against punctures and tears.  Tarps Now also offers special 22-ounce Custom Made Super Heavy Duty Vinyl Tarps that resist mildew, grease, oil, tears and abrasions.  Contact us with any questions, we're pleased to help you!

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