Breathable Waterproof Canvas Tarps

Breathable Waterproof Canvas Tarps


RhinoTex Breathable Waterproof Canvas Tarps are breathable waterproof polyester canvas tarps are more than twice as tough as traditional industrial canvas tarps. In addition to being a waterproof canvas tarps, these heavy duty canvas tarps made of 100 percent silicone-coated polyester will resist tears, abrasions and UV resistant to negate sun damage.

And when it comes to long lasting quality and durability, RhinoTex Breathable Waterproof Canvas Tarps are also  2-3 times stronger than traditional canvas tarps, arnd are stain and odor resistant too.  The hems are folded twice, are of double lock-stitch construction, include premium brass grommets for tie-downs and are quality MADE in the USA. See our entire selection of waterproof tarps, with many colors available.

Custom Waterproof Canvas Tarps

RhinoTex Breathable Waterproof Canvas Tarps are also available for custom made to order sizes and specifications to suit your needs.  With decades of experience and the very best technologies available in the industry, Tarps Now stands ready to provide you the optimal Custom Canvas Tarp solution.

Just use our contact form to tell us what you need, and we'll write up a personalized estimate for you.