Tarps Now® Announces Expanded Line of Mesh Shade Tarps

New Lines of Mesh Tarps Provide Humans and Animals Protection from Harmful Ultra Violet Radiation

ST. JOSEPH, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, June 15, 2018 -- ST. JOSEPH, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES -- Tarps Now® is pleased to announce the rollout of new lines of outdoor Mesh Shade Tarps that help reduce or eliminate exposure to intense sunlight and other forms of ultraviolet radiation and “windburn” that are commonly linked to causing skin cancers in both humans and animals.

To meet the need for protective coverings around homes, animal habitats and other outdoor structures, Tarps Now® routinely custom manufactures protective mesh tarp coverings in a variety of mesh screen exposure ratings, weights, fabric grades and colors, that are all engineered to provide outstanding levels of protection from intense sunlight, as well as other forces of nature.

Further increasing risks of exposure from extended exposure to Ultra Violet radiation are Windscreens that offer varying levels of both UV protection and wind resistance, depending on the selected material and design.

Applications for these new lines of Mesh Shade Tarps extend to uses in and around homes, such as patios, decks, thresholds, gazebos, pools, picnic areas, barns, kennels and other outdoor recreational areas. Conversely, many businesses are adopting the use of Mesh Shade Tarps to protect employees who work in areas where prolonged exposure to the elements exists such as in agricultural processing areas, animal feedlot areas, warehousing dock areas, shipping and receiving areas, and many other applications.

Details are as follow:

Tarps Now® Shade Products:

Mesh Shade Tarp
Shade Tarp Polypro Mesh 95% Exposure
86 Knitted Shade Mesh Tarps 86% Exposure
Polypro Mesh Shade tarps 70% Exposure
Polypro Mesh Shade Tarps 60% Exposure
Polypro Mesh Shade Tarps 50% Exposure
Polypro Mesh Shade Tarps 40% Exposure
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