Sandblasting Curtains: Containment Tarps for Construction Sites

Sandblasting Curtains are often used in connection with cleaning or etching surfaces at construction sites, or in industrial or manufacturing operations. The main aim of the sandblasting process is to clean the surface with the help of high velocity sand being propelled into the surface, all while using Sandblasting Curtains and Containment Tarps to minimize negative impacts .

As the name goes, in the earlier days, sand was used to clean the surface, but it was later found that the use of sand would often release fine suspended matter which would over time affect the person’s breathing and might also be a leading cause of cancer. That is why different materials were being used to perform the sandblasting like copper slag and walnut shells.

Nevertheless, sandblasting always creates a fine layer of dust which can over time be harmful for a person’s health. That is why most construction sites employ the use of Containment Tarps, or cover surrounding areas with lifting tarps. These are huge, tarps which are easily available in any of the hardware stores which can be used to over the construction area where the sand or the particulate matter is released.

A Blue Tarp is commonly used to cover the building and is also and is used because it is a very strong material and can last for a long time. Just like the tarps, Containment Curtains are also used for the same purpose.

Last, but not the least the most popular material being used is the Sandblasting Curtain which is especially made for the sandblasting procedure. These curtains will effectively cover the area around the blast area and shield it from any suspended particulate matter.