Diverse Product and Uses for Construction Tarps

Construction in the United States is a $1.2 trillion Industry. By far this one of the largest markets in the world. Whether it is the building of a single home or erecting skyscrapers or creating new interstate highways, the need to protect structures, material, property, workers, and the general public is paramount. A wide spectrum of Construction Tarps and Cover products are available to shield, safeguard, and defend the sites, equipment, and people in and around these locations.

From the most basic of tarps for standard covering to the most specialized in protection, construction projects are covered. A host of products exists that benefit and provide effective tools for the construction industry

Construction Tarps Construction Tarps

Types of Construction Tarps

Temporary Building Enclosure Tarps

Temporarily covering the outside of buildings during construction, Enclosure Tarps protect against weather conditions, the precipitation and wind while also creating a barrier between the work site and the public. Versions of this classification of cover are Hoarding Tarps, Enclosure Tarps, and Airbag Containment Tarps.


Containment Tarps

When undertaking a containment project or installing coverings more permanently for storage purposes, Containment Tarps play an important role in shielding the mentioned areas from damage and deterioration. These are created as both heavy duty and durable while at the same time lightweight for convenience. Airbag Containment Tarps, Mesh Containment Tarps, Sandblasting Containment Tarps, Bridge Containment Tarps, and Paint Containment Tarps are examples of this type of protection.


Scaffold Sheeting/Scaffold Tarps

These all-purpose coverings create climate enclosures to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for workers in every season and during extreme weather. Uses include all-purpose general construction, building tarps, scaffold tarps, weather and wind protection, and job site safety. Examples are Vinyl Building Enclosure Tarps, Green and Blue Scaffold Debris Netting.


Concrete Curing Blankets

Providing insulation for concrete work on any job site. Concrete Curing Blankets deliver maximum temperature gain from solar heat in addition to helping the interior layers maximize R values.


Safety Debris Netting

Job sites have a variety of areas including zones that include dangers. Safety Netting is essential to help protect and maintain the well-being of workers. Safety Netting is quite strong and used in applications such as being strung across elevated areas with fall hazards, as rails and fencing, and in securing material on site or in transit.


Construction Scaffold Debris Netting

Construction Scaffold Debris Netting guards against debris, precipitation, wind, dust, and dirt. Its uses include safety netting, protecting fence lines, generating shade, and as landscaping netting.


Orange Barrier Fencing/Safety Snow Fencing

Strong and flexible in form and function, Orange Barrier Fencing sees uses as a variety of safety applications. Around construction sites, road construction areas, landscaping, sporting events, concerts, festivals, or just about anywhere a temporary and economical barrier can be used. This fencing is also great for snowy situations. It can help control and manage drifting, blowing snow utilized along parking lots, roads, and paths. The bright fluorescent color of the mesh material is instantly noticeable from great distances alerting people to safety situations.


Lifting Tarps/Debris and Snow Tarps

Be it construction or roof repairs or snow on the job site, the work is not complete until things clean up and the debris hauled away. A variety of strong, effective, and affordable tarps are available that are ideal in containing, lifting, and moving the stuff that accumulates.


Basic Tarps and Covers as Construction Tarps

The simplest of things often serve the biggest benefits. Depending on the section, the job, or the situation, a wide variety of tarps and covers in fabrics exists. Materials such as Vinyl, Canvas, Poly, and Mesh handle protective functions around the construction site including covering materials. Other tasks include protecting from paint, covering gaps, creating temporary wall/curtain sections, providing welding shields, and carrying debris and supplies.


Tarps Now knows the importance of the construction industry. We provide a complete line of Construction Tarps in a variety of standard and custom sizes, grades, colors, and weights. Offering the widest selection of these products to companies, municipalities, and individuals from the smallest repair to the largest multi-phase project, people know where to go. Call us today at (888) 800-1383 to discuss your Construction Tarps needs.