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Vinyl TarpsOur vinyl tarps are ideal for industrial tarps, truck covering and all heavy-duty applications. They are able to withstand all applications that are demanding in nature, providing heavy duty coverage. This includes loads that are high stress as well as exposure to wind whip and abrasions. The quality material of these vinyl tarps provides the best protection from tears and punctures. They are also waterproof and have superior adhesive qualities as well as tensile strength. In addition, our vinyl tarps are Made in the U.S.A. and are completed with heat sealed seams to protect against the elements.
Super Heavy-Duty Vinyl Tarp 22oz
Super Heavy-Duty Vinyl Tarp 22ozThis 22oz super heavy-duty vinyl tarp provides the best performance of all of our vinyl tarps. It is resistant to mildew, grease, and oil, and it also provides the user with easy handling. These tarps are highly resistant to abrasions, and are incredibly durable. This style of tarp is widely used in agriculture and construction, as well as for trucks and on industrial sites..
Heavy-Duty Vinyl Tarp 18oz
Heavy-Duty Vinyl Tarp 18ozThe 18oz / 20 mils thick, heavy-duty vinyl tarp is our most frequently purchased waterproof tarp. This style of tarp provides you with the greatest value because of its ease in handling and durable appearance. Furthermore, this tarp is resistant to abrasions, grease, mildew, and oil. As an additional bonus, it’s highly resistant to tearing and puncturing. This tarp is widely used for trucks, in industrial areas, on construction sites, and for agricultural purposes. (14) different colors available.
Tough Vinyl Coated Tarp 16oz (FR)
Tough Vinyl Coated Tarp 16oz (FR)The 16oz tough vinyl coated tarp is flame resistant and made out of tent fabric used by the military. These tarps are an excellent, cost-efficient alternative to vinyl tarps sold at a higher price. They provide superior resistance to UV rays as well as tearing. This style of tarp contains grommets that are 24” apart and made of brass, created with a hem that is fortified by rope. Color is dependent on availability. Black
Medium-Duty Vinyl Tarp 10oz
Medium-Duty Vinyl Tarp 10ozOur 10oz medium-duty vinyl tarp is resistant to mildew, oil, and grease. It can be used in construction, as an agricultural cover, for trucks, and in industrial spaces. This tarp is also very resilient against tearing and abrasions.
Fire Retardant Vinyl Tarp 13oz
Fire Retardant Vinyl Tarp 13ozThe 13oz fire retardant vinyl tarp is made of flame resistant material approved by the California Fire Marshal and complying with NFPA-701. The seams of these tarps are heat sealed, and their 24” centers contain grommets. All of our fire retardant tarps resist tears and flames, and are waterproof. They are useful as gym floor coverings and for athletic or recreational purposes. They can also be used as curtains for welding, interior dividers, and paint booths. These tarps are also widely used as salvage covers for fire departments.
Fire Retardant Vinyl Tarp 18oz
Fire Retardant Vinyl Tarp 18ozOur 18oz fire retardant vinyl tarp is made of flame resistant material approved by the California Fire Marshal and complying with NFPA-701. This style of tarp resists tears and flames, and is also waterproof. In addition, the seams of the tarp are sealed with heat and the 24” centers contain grommets. These tarps can be used in multiple industries: as salvage covers for fire departments; as curtains for welding, interior dividers, and paint booths; as covers for gym floors; and for athletic and recreational purposes.
Camo Heavy-Duty Vinyl Tarps 18oz
Camo Heavy-Duty Vinyl Tarps 18ozThese high quality, 18oz camouflage tarps are coated with vinyl. They are useful for a variety of purposes, including in construction, trucking, industrial uses, hunting, athletics, farming, and recreation. Our tarps also provide you with resistance to mildew, grease, acid, and oil. They’re strong enough to resist tears and abrasions, and they’re also waterproof. At TarpsNow.com, we can also customize tarps. If you provide the measurements and details, we will create the five-sided equipment cover to suit your needs.
Clear Vinyl PVC Tarps
Clear Vinyl PVC TarpsWe stock clear vinyl PVC tarps as well as curtains, which are completely clear visually, yet still resist severe weather and abrasion. Perfect for residential outdoor uses such as patios and porches, these tarps enable viewing as well as the transmission of light. Our high quality PVC material is resistant to chemicals, grease, and mildew. These covers are manufactured with brass grommets that lie 24 inches apart. They also consist of 2 inch hems that are strengthened with white polypropylene webbing.
Neoprene Coated Nylon Tarp 16oz
Neoprene Coated Nylon Tarp 16ozOur neoprene coated nylon tarps provide UV and chemical resistance. Their benefits also include excellent tear strength and superior resistance to abrasion. These tarps are black on both sides, and they are constructed with grommets that are 24 inches apart as well as seams and hems that are double stitched. In addition, our neoprene coated nylon tarps resist grease, solvent, mildew, and certain acids. To inquire about acid resistance, please email for details.

Special Notes:
  • Made in USA.
  • All Tarps will have heat welded seams or sewn seams, depending on which type of fabric is used. Seams may be vertical / horizontal or both.

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