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Shop our Heavy Duty Canvas Tarps, Canvas Tarpaulin, Canvas Covers, Tarp Covers, Heavy Duty Canvas Covers at wholesale price.

At TarpsNow.com, our canvas tarps are manufactured with cotton canvas duck that is 100% industrial grade, the same material that is used by the U.S. military. These tarps are available in 16 oz. or 18 oz., and our heavy duty canvas tarps are 22 oz. You can use canvas tarpaulins for a variety of difficult applications, such as farming or trucking. They are also beneficial for trailer use, garages, construction sites, warehouses, and all areas of your ship.

Our most durable canvas tarp is our Breathable Waterproof tarp which is a Poly/Canvas blend. This material is 2-3 times stronger than traditional canvas.

These tarps are ideal for protecting your equipment or other supplies, particularly those stored outdoors. They also provide excellent coverage of truck cargo and camp grounds. Their breathable fabric is designed to eradicate condensation, preventing rust and rot from damaging valuable property. Our canvas tarps give your supplies the best protection possible, from farm equipment to lumber and firewood. All canvas tarps are Made in USA.
Breathable WaterProof Tarps
Breathable WaterProof TarpsOur breathable waterproof tarps are 20 mil. thick and made with an incredibly strong canvas material, 100% silicone-coated polyester. This fabric is industrial strength, making it over two times as strong as typical canvas material. These tarps are entirely waterproof; however, the stitching that allows for breathability might allow a small amount of moisture to penetrate the material.

This style of tarp is also completely resistant to damaging tears and abrasion as well as UV rays. Their superior construction, with hems that are double-folded and seams containing a double lock-stitch, makes these tarps the best option for your budget. They also contain brass grommets and are all Made in USA.
Water Resistant Canvas Tarps
Water Resistant Canvas TarpsOur water resistant canvas tarps come in three grades: 16 oz., 18 oz., and 21 oz. These tarps are manufactured with the highest quality cotton canvas duck, which is 100% industrial grade. They provide water resistance as well as breathability and strength. All water resistant canvas tarps are Made in USA.
Fire Retardant Canvas Tarps
Fire Retardant Canvas TarpsWe stock fire retardant canvas tarps in three grades: 16 oz., 18 oz., and 22 oz. These tarps are beneficial because they get rid of condensation entirely while protecting your supplies and equipment. They are coated with a flame resistant finish that eliminates the possibility of combustion, and the tarps also resist water. Flame retardant canvas tarps are ideal for the ship yard and the oil field, as well as in other industries. All our fire retardant canvas tarps are Made in USA.
Natural Canvas Tarps
Natural Canvas TarpsUsing our natural canvas tarps, you can effectively protect and cover your supplies or equipment with zero condensation. Made of completely untreated natural canvas, they provide you with both strength and breathability. These tarpaulins are manufactured with brass grommets for tying down every 24 inches around the perimeter. In addition, the hems and seams are double stitched for durability. Natural canvas tarps are not resistant to water.
Natural Canvas Duck
Natural Canvas DuckWe stock natural canvas duck tarps, manufactured from material that is 100% cotton and completely natural. The color for these tarps is natural canvas. This cotton duck fabric comes in 4 different grades:

#12 Cotton Duck Canvas has a weight of 11.45 oz/sq. yard
#10 Cotton Duck Canvas has a weight of 14.73 oz/sq. yard
#8 Cotton Duck Canvas has a weight of 18 oz/sq. yard
#4 Cotton Duck Canvas has a weight of 24.25 oz/sq. yard
Color: Natural Canvas
Painters Drop Cloths
Painters Drop ClothsOur painters drop cloths are crafted with 10 oz. of canvas duck fabric that is both 100% cotton and naturally white. They will help you work more efficiently by decreasing the time and effort you must put into cleaning up after a paint job. In addition, they will maintain the polished appearance of your work space. These canvas painters drop cloths are perfect for covering flooring of all types, equipment, furniture, vehicles, driveways, and sidewalks from the spillage of paint when working.

In typical painting situations, these drop cloths will not allow any paint to bleed through because of the tight weave of their yarn. This also makes the drop cloths extra strong, allowing them to be continuously washed and reused. For added durability, the hems of the drop cloths are folded and then double-stitched with heavy duty thread that resists rot. These drop cloths do not contain grommets. All of our canvas painters drop cloths come in the off-white color, and they are made in the U.S.A.

Special Notes:
  • All Tarps will have heat welded seams or sewn seams, depending on which type of fabric is used. Seams may be vertical / horizontal or both.

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